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Daily Deal for Magento 2

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The Daily Deal Extension for Magento 2 helps the store owners to generate hot deals regularly in order to stimulate customers purchases. The buyers would not leave their eyes from the hot Today Deals, regret of missing Previous Deals and desire for Coming Deals in your store.
  • Easily create multiple daily deals to capture buyers’ attention
  • Show a nice Countdown timer to urge customers to make decisions
  • Allow purchasers to see today, coming and previous deals
  • Let customers subscribe to receive daily deal notifications
  • Display hot deals in Category, Product and Daily Deal pages
  • Make detailed report of sale for all deals (daily sale, total sale)

Product Description

It is no doubt that everyone wants to spend less money for the same items so that when almost of them would be drawn by undeniable discount deals. Due to that, whenever the stores want to boost sales they just need to create some hot deals.
Therefore, most of the online stores nowadays are trying to incorporate the concept of daily deals as its functionality so as to enhance their sales volume. By letting you generate deals regularly, the Daily Deal Module for Magento 2 would make your Magento e-Commerce site more interactive. In details, you now can showcase multiple deals every day and pull more customers to your store with the enormous help of discounts.

How it works magento daily deal

As the result, the Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension might bring about a great deal of benefits for both the store owners (get more sales) and the customers (buy cheaper products). Let’s see how it can help!


Be attracted by hot deals every day

When accessing the store, the visitors can see all TODAY DEALS, PREVIOUS DEALS and COMING DEALS in the Daily Deal page. Also, the TODAY DEALS only will be displayed on the Homepage or Category Page (in the sidebar of these pages) if you would like to. Moreover, in each deal, there is necessary information including product name, original price, discount price, remaining time and quantity to buy, and calculated discount percentage.
Especially, there is a Javascript Countdown Timer showing the time left for a running deal or time before a deal starts. At the same time, this timer can be an efficient tool to hurry the purchasers into making buying decisions, since it make them scared of losing chance to buy those items at low prices when the time is running out.

Magento daily deal extension

Freely share attractive deals with friends in social networks

When finding a deal valuable, the customers can easily share that deal to their friends via their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, just by clicking on social icons on the Product Page. A tip for the store owners is that the title of the shared link forward to the website should be appealing and speaking enough to catch netizens’ eyes (this title can be modified in back-end). If more people share your deals, more people will know about your promotion and the higher chance of sale conversion rate will be on hand.

Daily deal magento extension product page

Subscribe to receive regular daily deal notification

To be regularly updated about the newest deals from the favorite store, the buyers can easily subscribe to receive sales information via their emails. They just need to provide their names and email addresses to complete the daily deal subscription. The content of the daily deal notification email sent to the customers can be easily customized in the back-end.

Magento daily deal module subcription


Create a new daily deal just by few steps

  • Step 1: Choose which product in your store to be on sale
  • Step 2: Add specific time period for sale, exact discount price and quantity for sale

Notes: Since the administrator can set a specific deal time, they are able to not only create current deals but also future deals. Showing upcoming deals is a very good idea as you will have more time to advertise before the deal happens. More interestingly, the feeling of wait might strengthen customers’ desire to buy a product.

Also, it worth noting that it is immensely convenient if you want to conduct an One-price promotion. Instead of creating separately deals for each item, you just need to create only one deal, in which many products are chosen and the deal price is applied for all.

Furthermore, since this module enables new deals to be displayed regularly, the customers can’t help checking your site every day that leads to higher traffics to your website and SEO improvement.

Track detailed selling record for each deal

This is an immensely useful feature of the Daily Deal Magento Extension. In the admin panel, you can easily access on the report of each deal and see their selling progress. To be more particular, in this report there is a line chart that represents the number of sales every single day from the start to the end time of the deal. Below the chart, the number of total sales also is automatically calculated. Furthermore, when the store applies several deals at the same time, these reports might also help the owners to evaluate their effectiveness much easier.

Daily deal extension magento report

Easily manage daily deal subscribers

Besides managing deals, the administrator can control the subscription accounts. The high number of deal subscribers might imply that the current promotion campaigns of the store are effective and highly concerned by the customers. On the other hand, the store can take advantage of this valuable contact database to conduct further email marketing campaigns. It is allowable to export the list of daily deal subscribers to use for another purposes or in contrast, import the customer list you’ve already have into the current subscriber list.

Magento 2 daily deal manage subscribers

What is more?

99% of Tigren’s customers who have been using this Daily Deal Extension for Magento 2 see an exponential increase in their sale revenue and profit over a short period of time. Moreover, they all agree that although this extension requires you just a small investment and little effort to use, it brings about huge benefits for their stores. Why don’t you try it today?


Accessing the Backend Demo by this Account: admin5 (Username) & Admin123$ (Password)


Version 1.0.3: Updated (Compatible with Magento 2.3.1)

Date: June 6, 2019

Version 1.0.2: Updated (Compatible with Magento 2.3.0)

Date: March 25, 2019

Version 1.0.1: Fix minor style issues

Date: January 17, 2019

Version 1.0.0

Date: February 28, 2018

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I’m satisfied with the module functionality and clear documentation.

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Easy to install and configure, work at the first try, good module.

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Great extension overall.

5 out of 5


It’s immensely effective to boost sales in my store, Very good Magento extension.

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Great extension, does exactly what we need it to do with so many possible variations.

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